About Us


I’m LaKeisha Shoemaker and welcome to Home Grown EA.

I am a Catholic convert, wife, and mom of 5 living in Western New York.

I realized there is a growing need for women and children to have a place to shop for modest clothing. Clothing that will encourage women to embrace their finer femininity while still being fun, stylish, and won’t break the bank. Also, clothing that won’t subject our children to being overly exposed or sexualized.

So why the name Home Grown EA? My journey to being a Catholic began after having my first child. I didn’t know it then but God had a plan for me. It first started with me becoming a stay at home wife and mom in East Aurora. From there I grew with each child I had. My second child led to my conversion and Baptism in the Traditional Rite of the Catholic Church. With each day I grow more and more in my faith. I want the women of our society to grow also, and that first starts with modesty.

Every item sold in my store is chosen by me and from a Catholic perspective. My hope is that I can encourage women to embrace their finer femininity through modest clothing and it can once again become the norm.

Thank you for stopping by Home Grown EA.